Why Chiropractic

Why See a Chiropractor?

When pain keeps you from your passion, it doesn’t have to be permanent. Really, that’s what we are all looking for. The ability to pursue the things in life that make us happy…physical freedom, without limitation, pain or other health repercussions, that is the goal!
Sometimes something just clicks. Whether it’s your joints falling into alignment, the right nutrition plan to give you greater energy, or finally finding a therapy that brings relief to years of pain – when things fall into place the feeling is amazing. That’s our favorite part of the job – making you feel like your health is falling into place – allowing you to deal with all the little things in life that are chaotic, busy, stressful, and yet, still amazingly wonderful at the same time. Knapp Chiropractic and Wellness – Where health falls into place.

Scientists estimate that the human nervous system has as many as 100 billion neurons. That’s more stars than are in the Milky Way – each connecting like little constellations across your body, sending signals of pain, pleasure, cold, heat, and touch. As a chiropractor, it’s my job to detect and teach you the unseen patterns and lines between the neurons throughout your body. Just like picking out a constellation in the starry sky, it takes a trained eye – someone to point out the relationship between one point to another so you can see the big picture. When joints properly align, it feels like the stars aligned, and that’s a great feeling.

Live the Life You Want... 

Without Pain or


A Few Reasons Ways Chiropractic Can Help:

Reduce Back Pain & Sciatica

The most common reason people pursue chiropractic care is because of back pain; both lower and upper back pain can be attributed to spinal misalignments, and sciata is the most common. Sciata consists of pain, weakness, and even numbness in the lower back and legs. The chiropractic technique can improve posture, build up core muscle strength, and improve spinal health overall.


—  Allison

 "I have spent my life shying away from Chiropratic services, mostly due to fear of the unknown. After meeting Dr. Nicole and learning that there are more natural ways to relive the constant back strain I’ve had, I decided to give it a chance. Her care and compassion discussing my fears and explaining what the spine controls and how by having it in proper alignment could not only help my current pain, but also some other minor physical ailments, eliminated my worry. She is efficient, skillful, caring and after only a handful of sessions I can tell a huge difference in not only relieving the pain, but also my balance and posture. I would recommend Dr. Nicole to anyone and will continue using her services for years to come." 



As a Brookfield Chiropractor, Knapp Chiropractic and Wellness serves Waukesha County. Knapp Chiropractic and Wellness provides chiropractic care for every step of your family's journey from prenatal care to teenage athletic years. Dr. Nicole Knapp, D.C. specializes in pre and postnatal, pediatric, and family focused chiropractic care.  


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