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We believe that a full life is a healthy, happy life. That's why Knapp Chiropractic provides routine chiropractic care to support our patients' optimal lives.

Expectant Mothers

Your body goes through an incredible amount of change, stress, imbalance, and pain throughout the miracle of bringing life into this world. Dr. Knapp specializes in helping you manage your pregnancy, prepare for labor, and recover in a way that allows you to experience more joy and less pain.

Infants & Children

Pediatric adjustments can help with your child's development by improving their sleep, supporting brain development, strengthening their immune system, easing colic symptoms, and assisting with digestive disorders… Giving them the best possible start in life.


Your teens, whether they are athletes or not, are experiencing changes and stress hormones of all kinds while adapting to stresses of teenage life. Teens benefit from regular adjustments to sustain regulated moods, enhance flexibility, reduce injuries, support brain function and help strengthen the immune system.


In the adult years, your chiropractic adjustments help you feel better, improve overall health, reduce pain and discomfort, increase energy to keep up with children/grandchildren, tackle life's demands and defeat stress.

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