Depending on your history, conditions, and preferences, the following techniques and services may be appropriate.

Webster Technique

A specific chiropractic analysis and accompanying adjustment to reduce the effects of pelvic misalignment.

Palmer Technique

This technique includes a variety of approaches, the main ones being Diversified, Thompson, and Gonstead.

Chiropractic Activator

Activator technique utilizes a small spring-loaded adjusting instrument to deliver a focused, low force, corrective impulse into the dysfunctional spinal segment. Ideal for children, elderly and more timid patients.

Thomson Drop Technique

Drop table used for low back, pelvis and tailbone correction. Ideal for elderly and expectant mothers.

Spinal Decompression

Ideal for low back pain, non-surgical alternative to disc herniation/disc bulges, and sciatica.

Advanced Technology


Accurately measuring the effects of stressors on your nervous system allows us to provide our patients with better care and more tangible feedback. Here are some of the tools we utilize at Knapp Chiropractic:

neuroTHERMAL™ Scanner

Assesses the part of your nervous system that helps control your organs, blood vessels, and glands. The neuroTHERMAL Scanner - Measures temperature differences along the spine. Temperature indicates where stress is building up and how much it affects bodily functions.

sEMG Static/Dynamic

Evaluates and precisely measures muscle activity; allowing your progress to be monitored as your spine releases tension and you regain more control throughout your alignment visits.


Relays your body’s ability to adapt to emotional, physical, or chemical stressors by looking at the timing of your pulse; determining the balance and tension within your nervous system.

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