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Few would argue with the fact that living, working, and learning during 2020 has been extremely stressful and sometimes even overwhelming. For many, the ever-changing landscape of stay-at-home orders and new cycles creates a daily diet of stress, triggering our collective ‘fight or flight’ response as we all process living through a pandemic.

Our body’s natural response to perceived danger is our ‘fight or flight’ response. This helps identify the danger (an angry dog) and get away from it quickly. COVID-19 is such an unknown yet clear danger that we currently cannot ‘getaway’ from. The result is that our physical and emotional stress levels remain high, which can also contribute to changes in hormones and increased blood pressure and heart rates. Left unchecked, this once useful key to our survival quickly becomes a drain on our immune system, which is not ideal at a time when our immune systems need to be functioning at their best.

The first thing you can do is take a holistic approach to take care of yourself. Be sure to get as much restful sleep as you can. Stay connected to friends and family with whom you can talk about the current state of pandemic affairs and the effect it’s potentially having on your well-being.

The best thing you can do is invest in your immune system by taking good care of your nervous system through expert chiropractic care. Ailments big and small, or even issues that hang on from injuries in our youth, work together to cause damage to our nervous system, which, in turn, wears down our immune system. That kink you’ve had in your back for years could be more than just a twinge at bedtime, but also be contributing to a lowered immune system.

Additionally, many people found their jobs quickly relegated to work-from-home status, and while that certainly has some perks, it might also come with a few challenges. Some workers don’t have the same ergonomic chairs at home that they enjoyed in their office setting. This could mean improper posture, a strained neck, and keyboard issues, which could add up to common symptoms related to spinal misalignments such as migraines, joint paint, and back pain.

Get moving! Staying indoors might be useful for keeping germs away, but a change of pace and a change of scenery can do wonders for both your mental and physical health. Dr. Knapp can help ensure that those hours of sitting haven’t caused a bit of misalignment.

Think of chiropractic care as restorative self-care. Think of our Brookfield office as a ‘spa-day’ of sorts for the parts of your body, which you can’t see, but whose injuries can cause pain or stress throughout your body and negatively affect your immune system.

If you’re feeling stressed and wondering if chiropractic can help, we are always happy to take your call and discuss what we can do for you. Contact us at 262-796-5108 to set up a consultation, or stop into our office in Brookfield to talk more. We can also be reached here on Facebook.

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