• Dr. Nicole Knapp

Natural Birth Preparation: A Chiropractic role in pregnancy.

Discovering you are pregnant is a joyous event, and many thoughts go

through your mind. You are thinking about who to tell first and how. Will you take pictures of your belly each month as you grow, have a gender reveal party, and will you have a natural birth? There is so much planning that will go into prepping for the arrival of a new baby. It is like planning a wedding. Now fast forward to the day you are giving birth. You expected and prepared for this beautiful natural experience. I too dream of a natural, non-invasive birth. Unfortunately, life does not always go as planned, and pregnancy changes our bodies.

I have heard different birth stories over the years, and by the time we are

ready to have children, we have thought about and planned our approach to

pregnancy. We say things like:

  • I will eat healthily

  • I will exercise daily

  • I will take birthing classes

  • I will use prenatal vitamins

  • I will stop smoking

  • I will cut down on caffeine

  • I will go to bed early

This approach is ideal for a healthy pregnancy, but there are other aspects

we need to take into consideration in preparation for the months ahead and the

childbirth to come. The first chapter of your new adventure has just begun.

The change in weight distribution from your baby bump can cause an

increased back curve, pelvic changes, and postural adaptations. As many as fifty

percent of pregnant women will experience hip, back, and joint pain before they

deliver. Also, when the pelvis is misaligned, it can cause less space for the baby

and can also make it difficult for the baby to get into the correct position for

delivery. A pelvis that is out of alignment can restrict available space in your

tummy, obstructing your child's normal movements. This decrease in space is

called intrauterine constraint, which can lead to birth defects. A balanced pelvis

means your baby is less likely to move into a breech or posterior position. When

your baby is in a proper position, your ability to give birth naturally is increased.

Postpartum recovery is speedier, and the chances of medication during labor


Receiving regular adjustments during your pregnancy can help with

controlling nausea symptoms from morning sickness, reduce the time of

labor/delivery, maintaining a healthy spinal column, and reduce stress on the

uterus. It is a natural way to promote health throughout the body as well as

benefit your baby. Studies show that first-time mothers who are regularly visiting

the chiropractor reported a 24% shorter labor time than those not getting


To adjust a pregnant woman, we use tables that accommodate your growing

bump and utilize Webster Technique. If you are having hip, joint or back pain, relief

is just a chiropractic visit away!

Stop in if you have any questions and feel free to make an appointment here with us at Knapp Chiropractic! Visit knappchirowi.com or call 262-796-5108 for more information.

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