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How Pediatric Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Child’s Immune System | Brookfield Chiropractic

Every year parents brace themselves for the cold and flu dance. It seems like as soon as you send your kid to school strep-throat free, they somehow manage to bring home a new bug, and the cycle begins again. As we roll into the winter of 2020, parents, and their children, may be experiencing even more stress around concerns for general health and seasonally inspired germs.

At Knapp Chiropractic we like to take a proactive approach to care by focusing on improving your body’s ability to fight off germs it comes into contact with. Sniffly noses are easy to detect, however much less easy for parents are issues like damage to the spine which could be present from birth or brought on by common falls, sports injuries, the continual use of heavy backpacks, or even the strain on your child’s postures from computer use.

Put simply, our nervous system is directly connected to the immune system and when there are issues, or damage from injuries, to our nervous system it can take a toll on our ability to keep our immune system strong. Chiropractic care takes a holistic approach to the body and looks for these injuries and works to make physical adjustments which then help support the nervous system.

Non-invasive, gentle treatment done by a professional pediatric chiropractor is a great way to help your child’s body operate at optimum health. Corrective procedures, like spinal adjustments, are done after a comprehensive and thorough health history and chiropractic evaluations are done.

Aside from helping to improve your child’s immune system, the nervous system also controls a child’s growth, their development, as well as their ability to process information coming through their senses, meaning that some families see improvements in other common childhood issues like ear infections, bed wetting, colic, asthma, allergies, and even ADD/ADHD.

Chiropractic care of the body to correct issues affecting the nervous system can not only strengthen the immune system, but it can also improve other systems within your child's body such as the brain, cardiac, digestions, and respiratory.

Just as you do in selecting a doctor for your newborn, you want to ensure that the chiropractor you select is educated in pediatric chiropractic care and has a lot of experience working with children of all ages. Visiting the doctor can be daunting in the best of times, but in these modern times, office visits look and feel different, even to our youngest clients.

Our team takes great care to follow the current masking and social distancing guidelines while still providing excellent care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our office is skilled at helping to make your child’s visit as stress-free, comfortable, and maybe even a little fun, as possible.

Contact us at 262-796-5108 to set up a consultation, or stop into our office in Brookfield to talk more about how we can help keep you healthy in 2020 and right into the new year!. We can also be reached here on Facebook.

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