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How Infants and Children Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care | Family Chiropractic Brookfield

Your mini-me is truly just a smaller version of you, and children as young as infants can benefit from regular chiropractic visits. Chiropractic care helps support brain and nerve development, which aids in their neural plasticity and contributes to overall health and wellbeing.

This can help with mitigating issues like ear-aches, colic, and common digestive issues. There are several common concerns that Dr. Knapp sees many of her pediatric patients for: headaches, posture issues, and injuries.

Everything in our body is connected to our nervous system, and as adults, we can often recognize that a pinched nerve is driving other discomforts or issues in our bodies. However, kids often lack the understanding, or possibly the willingness, to identify these connections and articulate how to ask for help. A professional chiropractor trained in pediatric care knows the signs to look for and can help assess the root cause of your child’s headaches and provide the treatment needed to improve those neural pathways.

Some patients and studies support this and have found that regular chiropractic treatment for their child has also improved issues related to ADHD/ADD and stress, both of which can result in overstimulation and headaches. The holistic approach of chiropractic care means that we are always looking at the full body to find the issues and the treatment.

Perhaps the bane of many parents’ lives is the use of screens. From entertainment to education, tiny hand-held screens, computers, and televisions have emerged as primary methods of delivery. This translates to a lot of time looking down, bent over, or even slumped in a chair or couch.

Even worse, for many of our kids, this has also meant less time spent outside running or playing and stretching out those slouched joints! Proper chiropractic care helps ensure healthy spinal and neck alignment, which encourages and supports better posture.

While these days our access to sports and play structures might be a little limited, kids always seem to find ways to injure themselves. Kids often enjoy the more comfortable setting of a chiropractor's office where a close eye can be kept to maintain proper spinal alignment and joint care to ensure that the injury heals properly.

While older children might communicate a recent fall or the ache of an ankle, younger children often cannot. Those toddler years are full of crashing into tables or unsupported falls as they learn to navigate walking and running in their formative years. Even without a suspected injury, we can look at your child’s gait and posture to identify and help treat any ‘injuries’ you might not even be aware of.

Whether you suspect your child is already dealing with headaches or injury recovery, or you just want to ensure that their neural pathways are well-oiled machines poised for optimal growth and development, regular pediatric care can be a key. Feel free to contact us with any questions at 262-796-5108 to set up a consultation, or stop by our office in Brookfield to talk more. We can also be reached here on Facebook.

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