• Dr. Nicole Knapp

Don't be sidelined by spring sports injuries!

Repeated movement of the arm during baseball, softball, and tennis can place significant stress on the shoulder.  Considering the length of the season and all the overhead motion it is easy to understand why the shoulder is at risk for injuries.

The winter season is approaching the rear view mirror and the spring sport season will be here soon.  This means that many of us will start getting ready for our overhead activity.  There are simple stretches you can do to get your arm ready for your sport.  A good warm-up jog should precede any stretch.  You will also want to stretch out after the practice or game concludes.  It is a good idea to maintain these stretches throughout the season.  You should never feel pain when you stretch.

Corner Stretch:

  • Stand in a corner with your forearms resting on the wall.

  • Keep your elbows below the shoulders.

  • Place one foot forward (alternate each foot)

  • Lean into the wall, hold 30 seconds repeat 4 times.

Sleeper stretch:

  • Stay on your side with your head resting on the shoulder.

  • Keep the elbow at 90 degrees.

  • Use the opposite hand to push the arm down.

  • Hold 30 seconds repeat 4 times.

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