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Colic and Chiropractic

How does a chiropractor help with Colic?

Picture this. You’re trying to get some much-needed work done around the house and you hear your infant start screaming. You’ve tried everything from feeding, to diaper changes, to swaddling. Nothing is working. White noise doesn’t even work. So you take your child to the medical doctor to see if they’re sick and they express that your child is healthy. But why is your baby constantly crying? The medical doctor diagnoses your baby with Colic. Any parent will tell you how frustrating and heartbreaking it is to see your child crying for hours on end without any way to soothe them. You feel helpless, exhausted and heartbroken.

While colic affects 20-25% of infants, doctors aren’t completely sure what is causing it. Some in the medical field speculate that it could have to do with an underdeveloped/immature digestive system, excessive gas, infant acid reflux, food allergies/sensitivities and more. Some non-digestive causes include tobacco exposure and overstimulation issues.

Chiropractic care is known to help with underlying conditions having to do with the central nervous system that prevents it from working properly at optimum levels, which causes stress and/or dysfunction in every single part of the body. This also includes an infant’s digestive system thus leading to colicky behaviors. There are ways to help relieve colicky babies through chiropractic adjustments.

Identifying Colic in an infant

First identifying colic in a child is key. Is my baby colicky or just fussy? All babies cry, however, the cry of a colicky baby is different, often identified as intense, uncontrollable and excessive.

Many doctors diagnose using the “Rule of 3”:

Loud, piercing/shrill cry that starts around 3 weeks old

Lasts longer than 3 hours a day

Occurs more than 3 days a week

Continues on for longer than 3 weeks

Noticing symptoms

Aside from a shrill cry that appears to sound like an expression of pain, there are other symptoms that may include:

Intense crying that appears to be for no reason (unlike when they cry for food or a diaper change)

Clenched fingers, stiffened arms and pulled up or stiffened legs

Predictable timing of colicky episodes often occurs in the evening but can happen at any time of the day

Facial discoloration is common as well with reddening of the face or possible pale skin around the infant’s mouth.

Excessive fussiness even after the crying has ceased

Tensed abdominal muscles and arched backs

Chiropractic care patients have expressed fewer colicky crying hours than a child without chiropractic adjustments. Adjusting a baby can stimulate body function allowing functions to normalize and take place properly once again. If you’re looking for a gentle, specific and highly successful chiropractic adjustment for your colicky child or infant, stop on by or make a call to 262-796-5108 for an appointment. We’re always accepting new patients!

Don't just take it from me, listen to what this mom has to say about chiropractic and her colicky baby.

"I just have to say that Dr. Knapp has helped ease my stress and anxiety so much. My 7 week old is colicky and has constipation/gas, and reflux issues. I called one day and was in tears because I felt so helpless as to what I could do for my little man. Brandi had me come in within an hour and Dr Knapp even adjusted him same day for me. I have seen an improvement already with him and so happy that he’s in her care. I walked into the office not knowing what to expect and I was scared. Dr. Knapp and Brandi both make you feel welcome and comfortable especially when I was an overly emotional mom. Thank you for taking care of my little one."


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