• Dr. Nicole Knapp

Chiropractic Care is a Key to Improved Mental Health

Chiropractic care is an untapped resource for improving mental health! Chiropractors have a holistic approach that aims to bring balance to the body, providing both physical and mental wellness. They provide relief for patients experiencing sleep disruptions, migraines, gastrointestinal distress, stress, or anxiety as well as issues around an injury or chronic pain.

Often a person’s mood is heavily influenced by several of these factors are once, such as back pain leading to sleepless nights, contributing to an on-going headache and overall lowered mood, and increase stress.

Knapp Chiropractic offers a natural, medication-free option for improving mental health through alleviating physical pain brought on by spinal subluxations. Spinal misalignments cause a myriad of issues, from pain and discomfort to interrupting blood flow and nutrients through the body. It can be difficult to heal the body and mind if blockages are keeping the basic systems of the body from functioning properly.

When poor posture, or even injury, leads to damage or partial dislocations in the spine, it can be the root cause of migraines and disrupted sleep patterns. Not to mention the emotional toll that pain, especially chronic pain, can take on an individual’s good mental health.

Nearly every function, or dysfunction, in the body is connected to somewhere else. For instance, one cause of higher blood pressure is the presence of anxiety and stress. When used as a broad-spectrum approach to wellness in conjunction with traditional medicine, chiropractors help overall wellness and mental health.

Fatigue, insomnia, music tensions, and stiffness are often the result of daily stressors, as opposed to injury. Alleviating these ailments through chiropractic adjustments provide relief on an emotional level.

It might not be obvious; however, chiropractic care can also aid the body in balancing hormones. Adjustments can increase positive hormones like oxytocin and cortisol. Good hormone balance is something that helps both men and women, alike.

The brain and the spine come together, forming the nervous system, which then regulates the body. It only makes sense that when we treat the spine, assure its proper alignment and function, we have also provided that same support to the nervous system.

The benefit of good chiropractic care radiates through the whole body! People who are suffering from either physical or mental health challenges often feel worn down by their pain or distress.

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