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April is Autism Awareness Month

To understand how chiropractic care can help autistic children, it's important to understand the complexity of this condition. In the last two decades, the incidence of autism has risen greatly - by more than 600%. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, today nearly 1 in every 110 children is affected by autism spectrum disorder, a general term for a complex disorder of the brain. 

The central nervous system is responsible for controlling the functions of the body. When the musculoskeletal system is out of alignment, the nervous system is unable to properly send and receive messages. As long as this misalignment persists, many behavioral therapies for autism are the equivalent of running in a circle: It's hard to make progress when the underlying problem persists.

Chiropractic care is the starting point for helping autistic children begin to regain normal control. Gentle, specific adjustments to joints, concentrating particularly on spinal subluxations, can improve the nervous system and release the body's natural healing ability. While chiropractic adjustments can't cure autism, regular treatments can help ensure a properly functioning nervous system. This also helps manage gastrointestinal disturbances and promote restful sleep.

We recognize how frustrating it can be to hear conflicting assessments of your child's condition from different doctors, teachers, and therapists. Spinal adjustments ensure that the body is properly aligned and that when your child's brain sends a message, internal systems can receive and process this message appropriately.

To discuss how chiropractic care may benefit your child with autism, contact Dr Nicole at 262-796-5108

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